C H A R T   T E C H N I C A

S C H E M A T I C   W A L L   C H A R T S




 Understandably, mine planning departments appreciate a visual overview

Description: The chart is an overview of a typical modern diamond mine that
includes the surface and underground mining infrastructure, process plant
and process flow diagram.
The chart features Kimberlite vertical ore body mining, alluvial mining, coastal
and marine mining.
Within the Kimberlite Mining infrastructure is the development, mining,
extraction and ventilation levels.  
Mining methods:
Open bench mining, Sub-level caving, Mechanised block caving,
Conventional block caving, Vertical crater retreat, Mechanised fissure mining, etc.  
Feed preparation plant, Primary scrubbing, screening and de-gritting plant,
DMS plant, and Flocculant plant. Vertical shaft infrastructure,
Open cast mining, Alluvial mining, Marine mining, Ship based recovery plant.
Vertical ore-body mining infrastructure, Ore & waste bins/silos, Shuttle conveyors,
Rail hoppers, Tipping station, Ore skips, Access ramp, Underground crusher,
Grizzly, Impact hammer,
Ventilation shaft, Return airway, Long hole drills, Load haul dumper (LHDs),
Radio-controlled LHDs, Locomotives,
Fan drilling, Cross-cut, Crown pillars, Undercut drifts, Workshop,
Ore draw-off points, Winch, Scrapers, Haulages, Trackless mining methods,
Settlers, Sub-level crushing plant,
Transfer house, Primary stockpile, Primary crushing, Ore tip,
Tamrock long-hole drill and more.  



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