C H A R T   T E C H N I C A

S C H E M A T I C   W A L L   C H A R T S







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This is overview of a typical modern Platinum mine. The chart includes the
surface and underground mining infrastructure, the Merensky Reef and
UG2 reef, a decline and vertical access shaft.  
Concentrator Plant and infrastructure - Process flow diagram.  
Mining Methods:
Open cast mining, Mechanised bord & pillar mining, Development drilling
and infrastructure, Mechanised and conventional stope mining. Up-dip and
down-dip single and double panel mining and breast mining.
Drilling, blasting and scraping detail.  
Vertical and decline access shafts, Shaft sinking, Horizontal development,
Ventilation route, Ventilation shafts, Drainage shafts, Extraction fans,
Shaft support infrastructure, Refrigeration plant, Bulk air cooler, Rail hoppers,
Ore pass, Waste pass, Underground crushing, Stope support, Backfill,
Underground settlers, Underground pump station, Refuge bay, Shaft station,
Mid shaft loading, Diamond wire cutting, Booster fans, Sub-vertical shaft,
Roof bolting, Cable anchors, Shaft fitting, Cement grouting.
Raise and winze, Typical mining machinery & equipment and personnel.