C H A R T   T E C H N I C A

S C H E M A T I C   W A L L   C H A R T S

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The Mining Window is unique for the following reasons.

1/ Provides a detailed communication tool for the industry worldwide. Used in training, presentations and sales.

2/ Provides excellent unique exposure whereby companies can show their products in their various applications. Often mine suppliers will have a product that isn't even considered because the industry isn't aware. This medium conveys the applications instantly. It can also show the various applications of a single product.

3/ Each client on board also has their own graphic of the selected mine type. It only shows their product captions and when the product is clicked, the image zooms to it's location. This in turn links to their website.

4/ By including our logo on their website, visitors are linked to the same mine image featuring their products in their working environment.