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This chart illustrates the different requirements relating to standard goods,
hazardous goods, valuable goods, perishable goods and out-of-gauge goods
through the different transport modes. This highly detailed informative chart is
popular with the logistics industry and is now in dozens of countries worldwide.
It is an excellent communication tool for getting people to understand not only
the "bigger picture: but understand the specialised materials handling activities. 
The advantages and disadvantages of the different modes; pallet choice and
details on different forms of packaging; types of containers
for different commodities; cargo aircraft loading detail.  
Road freight
Truck trailer configuration information; truck axle load ratings. 
Rail Freight:
Types of rail trucks; rail transfer detail. 
Air Freight: A detailed overview of air cargo terminal, highlights the ULD types
and details, aircraft ULD & pallet loadability; details of Air cargo terminal
including the complete handling process.  
Sea Freight:

Ocean and Inland waterway; breakbulk freight, Containerised freight,
Bulk Dry Goods, Liquid Goods, Gaseous Goods; details of container terminal,
including complete overview of equipment and materials handling; dry bulk
terminal and bulk carrier,
LNG terminal & vessel, Ro-Ro Specialised carrier, bulk liquid terminal &
bulk tanker; documentation information for non-hazardous, hazardous,
perishable, valuable and out-of-gauge goods for the different modes.