C H A R T   T E C H N I C A

S C H E M A T I C   W A L L   C H A R T S


T H I S   C H A R T   I S   E Q U A L L Y   A T    H O M E    I N  A   B O A R D R O O M   O R   A   T R A I N I N G   F A C I L I T Y.  
I T   I S   R E G A R D E D   A S   T H E   B E S T    G O L D    M I N E  O V E R V I E W   A V A I L A B L E . 



This chart is an overview of a typical modern gold mine, which includes surface
and underground mining infrastructure and the process plant, illustrating the
complete material handling route from face to processing plant.  
Mining Methods:
Stope Mining.  
Carbon-in-pulp extraction process.  
Twin vertical access shafts, Underground decline shaft, Machinery & equipment,
Shaft sinking, Horizontal development, Ventilation route, Main shaft,
Ventilation shaft, Extraction fans, Shaft support infrastructure, Refrigeration plant,
Bulk air cooler, Winder house, Rail hoppers, Ore pass, Waste pass,
Underground crushing, Rock support, Backfill, Underground settlers,
Underground pump station, Refuge bay, Shaft station, Mid shaft loading,
Diamond wire cutting, Booster fans, Sub-vertical shaft, Roof bolting,
Cable anchors, Shaft fitting, Vacuum ore recovery, Vacuum waste recovery,
Blind-hole boring, Cement grouting, etc.  


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